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5 Resources for Learning How to Master Batch Macros

If you are looking for a challenge in 2021 then look no further! Mastering batch macros is a skill that will pay you back many times over! In this post we share 5 different resources you can tap into to learn more and master Alteryx batch macros. Now go, get after it! 

  1. Creating a Batch Macro – Interactive Lesson
  2. Tool Mastery – Control Parameter
  3. Build Your First Batch Macro! Live Training Video
  4. Getting Started With Batch Macros
  5. Sample Batch Macros in Designer
    • In Designer go to: Help > Sample Workflows > Use scripting and automation tools > Build a Macro > Supporting Macros > 

We hope you enjoy these and that they are useful for you. If you have any other good resources for learning batch macros please leave them in the comments below! 

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