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Design Patterns

Alteryx Design Pattern: Record ID and Text to Rows

Use Case: 

Another useful design pattern to have at your fingertips is the ability to parse out a single row of a value(s) into multiple rows BUT—and this is the caveat that makes it all worth it—we need to keep track of the initial row so that when we’re done cleaning and parsing out what we need then we can bring it all back together! Just like that time when I broke my mom’s favorite coffee cup and then used wood glue to make it look like it never even happened……sort of.

One thing to note: in my example, I use the Find and Replace tool, but this is one of a million other possibilities based on what you need to have happen. One could use the formula tool, the multi-row tool, the multi-field tool, or whatever else gets the job done.         



  1. Input Data 
  2. Add RecordID Tool
  3. Data parsing & cleanup
  4. Use the Text to Columns tool (with “Split to Rows” selected)
  5. Tie up data to look the way you need

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