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Alteryx Design Pattern: Appending Aggregations

Use Case: 

I often get asked how I can add in Weekly, Monthly, Yearly averages, and I usually point them to this design pattern. The power in this that many people miss is that by doing the aggregations separately like this, you are actually creating a ‘dynamic’ functionality in that the Summarize tools will always look at ALL the data in order to create the aggregation function (i.e., Average or Sum). If next week you run this and you have much more data, this will take that into consideration.

The appending part is just using joins and that’s because we want to do a match append where the appropriate aggregations get aligned with the appropriate buckets (i.e., Weekly, Monthly, Yearly).  



  1. Input Data 
  2. Add the aggregations you want
  3. Use Joins to ‘append’ each aggregation to your original dataset

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