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Alteryx Design Pattern: Filtering Across Many Fields

Use Case:

You have data with multiple columns that might either be null or have a specific value that you don’t want. An easy way to dynamically get rid of those columns is to use this solution. If I knew that every single time there were 2 or 3 columns I would need to get rid of then I’d use the Select tool. Many times I don’t. I just know that for example if the column is all nulls, all blanks, all text when it should be numerical, etc then this works great. In my example I show you how once you’ve filtered to the values you want you then cross tab it back to the same table. However you could cross tab back to something different based on your needs. This is a great but flexible solution.



  1. Input Data
  2. Filter to the subset if needed
  3. Transpose Data to have the Key Columns and Name, Values columns
  4. Filter on the Name or Values field
  5. Crosstab back to where you started or use a different field to group by


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