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Episode 4: Problem Solving in Alteryx

In this podcast Chris and Joshua chat about whether you need a mathematical (saves the argument of whether it’s maths or math!) background to be a good problem solver in Alteryx.

Drawing on recent experiences with the Advent of Code challenges, which we discussed with fellow ACE James Dunkerley in episode 3, we discuss some of the 2020 challenges and how we approached them.

Show notes:

  • Joshua chatting about being a global learner – find out more about learning styles here
  • Brief chat about generalists vs specialists. There is a book on this topic called Range by David Epstein
  • Chris chats through his solve of Day 13 of Advent of Code, where the challenge is to find the time in the future where all buses would be back at the bus station. Chris solves this using a modulo function and this led to him discovering the Chinese Remainder Theorem. Chris makes the argument that having a mathematical background helped him identify that there was an approach.
  • Joshua talks through his approach to Day 11 of Advent of Code where he visualises the position of the chairs to work out the surrounding pattern and then iterates through the combinations.
  • We discuss overall how we approach solving problems in Alteryx.

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