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3 Different Ways: The Simple Trick Up the Sleeves of Alteryx Experts

There are clues that a true Alteryx expert provide that shows their hand in this synonymous game of poker. I’ve always been fascinated with figuring out what exact cards they are holding. I’ve asked what skills and knowledge do Alteryx experts have in playing the game of Alteryx? As you can imagine, after seeing many different poker games played I realized that the Alteryx pros don’t have a deeper understanding of the inner workings. Many don’t have the expert certification and aren’t ‘all-knowing’ when it comes to Alteryx. What these experts have essentially done however, is to stack the deck with more of their cards.

I spent a good 4-5 years of my time in a consulting role. A considerable amount of that time was helping companies either validate Alteryx, get started, as well as helping to raise their skills and effectiveness. I have probably conducted well over 250+ training sessions from beginner to advanced levels. Every time I would come back a month or two later to check on these clients by say for example conducting office hours sessions. In almost all of these office hour sessions I would get the same question over and over.

[su_quote style=”default”]I was doing so great and then I ran into this issue and well I only know how to do it this way. Is there any other way to solve this?[/su_quote]

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A little quirk about me is that I have a hard time seeing anything in isolation. Everything in my mind is related to something else in a metadata sort of way. So what that means is if many different users are having the same issue it isn’t about the issue, it’s about how they are thinking about the issue. That aspect is what has always caught my attention.

I started talking to Alteryx experts I either worked with or was friends with and flipped it onto them. I wasn’t interested in knowing how to solve the particular question, I was more interested in what different ways are they thinking about these questions or solutions. That got me the answer I was looking for. I saw the trend come in the form of this statement:

[su_quote style=”default”]Well if this way doesn’t work then I’ll try this….and if that doesn’t work I’ll try this.[/su_quote]

Many people would glance over that last part in bold. It’s just that I had heard that response so many times to the point that I couldn’t ignore the true answer:

[bctt tweet=”In order to become a stronger #Alteryx developer you need to learn at least 3 different ways to solve a particular problem. “]

To find the ROI of knowing 3 different ways, take into consideration the following:

  • All the times you have been ‘stuck’ on an issue
  • All the time you spent going down the rabbit holes.
  • Every time you’ve been in front of your boss and/or client and asked the question: “What about _____? or “Can you also tell me _____”

I think you can start to see that having a deck of cards that is stacked to your favor is going to be advantageous.

Hope you enjoyed this article. If you have a ‘3 different ways’ idea to share please send us a note and we’ll ensure you are recognized for it!


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