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Design Patterns

Alteryx Design Pattern: Finding Unique Customers Based on Location (Method 1)

Where are my customers and are they unique to my brand or is there overlap with a competitor? To answer this question we need geospatial data about our stores, our competitors and where the customers are.

In this approach it uses a spatial match to understand whether my customers (point data) are within a unique trade area or multiple trade areas. An extension of this is would be if I want to find customers which meet a certain profile, for example sit within the trade area for multiple brands, for example if I want to find customers who are within a trade area for Store Brand A, B & C but not D.

Using the sample spatial datasets available within Alteryx I will build out this workflow.

First we create the spatial point data (customers / target) and the trade area around each store (universe). Using the Spatial Match tool we then find the matched locations where the target (customers) is within the universe (store trade areas).

Then when we’ve got the matched data we can see when a customer has multiple matches they are represented by multiple records (one record for each store). Now we build on a design pattern used to find unique string values. Using a summarise tool to group by customerID and Store Name, then a second summarise to group by CustomerID and concatenate Store Name we get a list of all the stores that the customer is within the trade area. We can then use a filter tool to find the unique combination we are after, e.g. in this example the customers are in a Quick Fix Bikes trade area but are not in a Mellow Johnnies trade area.


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