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Design Patterns

Alteryx Design Pattern: Finding Unique Customers Based on Location (Method 2)

This is a second design pattern to identify unique customers in spatial data. As a reminder the problem this design pattern solves for is to identify customers who are only within my catchment area and don’t have any nearby competing brands.

This approach uses the spatial process tool to cut out the unique trade area and then uses a spatial match to identify the customers that fall inside it.

First we isolate the combination of stores we are interested in (in this case it’s Quick Fix Bikes and Mellow Johnnies) and then summarise these results by combining each brand’s trade areas into a single spatial object.

We turn the data using a cross-tab tool as we need to make the comparison in the spatial process tool on a record by record basis. In the spatial process tool we cut out the unique object.

Then using the spatial match tool we identify the customers which fall within this newly created spatial object (#3). To get the same result as the first method, but the benefit of doing it this way is you can easily identify the spatial data on a map where as with method 1 you are left with just a list of customers.


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