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Alteryx Design Pattern: How to modify many field values at the same time

Use Case:

You’ve got lots of fields where that data is in the same format, but you want to quickly make a variety of changes to that data, but it’s tiresome needing to go through and select lots of fields all the time (and what about if new fields are added!).

In this design pattern I walk through a trick where you can reshape your data which makes it easier to manipulate before reshaping it back into the original structure.

In the example I need to remove the suffix to my numeric data to remove the word “millions” and then convert the data to a numeric format.


  1. Transpose your data, setting the fields you don’t want to change as key fields
  2. Make the require adjustments to your data (the Value field)
  3. CrossTab the data back with the same key fields set as step 1, and Name as column names and values set as values.

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